Bass Needle Minder With Neo Magnets

Diane Tu Getit

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Fish Needle Minder.

Do you love fish or maybe fishing then you'll love our magnetic needle minder featuring a bass fish. It's perfect for cross stitching, embroidery, or sewing as a place to rest your needle and floss or thread. These are also known as needle keepers, needle nanny's and needle covers. These are ideal for use when cross stitching, hand embroidery, sewing, or diamond painting and it can be used to hold your pattern in place during projects. 

Instead of losing the needle in the chair arm just place the needle on the magnetic needle holder for a safe place to hold the needle when not in use. 

Each needle minder is covered with mylar.  One neodymium magnet is enclosed inside the metal needle minder and a second neodymium magnet is for the backside of your project.

These will not mar your fabric. Simply slide the magnets apart to separate. 

*Warning: neodymium magnets are very strong and should be kept away from electronics, credit cards, and anyone with a pacemaker.